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Do you think of your pets as members of the family? If so, then you have a lot in common with all of us at Especially for Pets. Like you, we're extremely devoted to our own pets, and professionally committed to doing everything we can to help strengthen the bond between you and your pets. Read on…

  • Lib, Newton

    Lib has been with Especially for Pets since 1992 when she started as a stockperson.

  • Emily, Sudbury
    Emily, Sudbury

    Emily joined the Sudbury team in September 2012. She graduated from Becker College with an Associate’s

  • Janice Ritter, Trainer

    Janice has been training dogs as great family pets and as competition participants for 17 years.


Every pet deserves a loving, nurturing home, yet there are countless dogs and cats that are unwanted or abandoned. Fortunately, numerous non-profits are committed to their health and well being. One of our founding principles is to support these worthwhile non-profit organizations. Read on…


There is an unlimited number of pet products on the market and selecting the ones that promote good health, wellness, and nutrition and keep your pets safe is where we come in. At Especially for Pets, we think of ourselves as trustees for your pets' well being.  Read on…

  • For Dogs

    Everything you need for the well care of your dog including many products you won't find at superstores.

  • For Cats

    Carefully chosen products for your cat including food, toys, furniture, dishes and cat litter.

  • Monthly Specials

    Check out our monthly specials on pet food and supplies.