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Q. Am I better off shopping at Especially for Pets rather than one of those giant pet superstores?

A. We certainly think so and for any number of reasons. To begin with, no competitor can come close to us in quality of products and services. We employ a professional and extremely knowledgeable workforce that treats customers with the utmost respect and delivers a level of service we think is simply unavailable at the so-called “Big Box” stores. In addition, we excel at grooming and training services and are perhaps more active in terms of our support of local rescue organizations than any other company in our business.

Q. What do you believe separates Especially for Pets from your competitors, both large and small?

A. Here’s the punch list—quality products and professional services; superb customer service that focuses on and emphasizes the relationship between you and your pets; knowledgeable, passionate  salespeople; outstanding training and customer education programs and seminars; and a deep commitment to non-profits with special emphasis on local shelters and humane animal organizations.  Have we left anything out? 

Q. Is Especially for Pets conveniently located?

A. We currently have seven locations in Acton, Canton, Medway, Newton, Sudbury, Wayland and Westborough. So if you live in eastern Massachusetts, chances are there’s an Especially for Pets reasonably close.

Q. You are very committed to rescue organizations. Why is that so important to you?

A. We feel it is our responsibility to help with the problem of homeless animals, and therefore we encourage and promote adoptions with the various animal shelters and breed rescues in our communities and throughout New England. In fact, 49% of our advertising budget is allocated to sponsor and support humane organizations. It is our culture to give back to community.