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The Especially for Pets’ Adoption Initiative Program finds permanent, loving homes for homeless pets, as well as raises awareness about the work being done in the rescue community. In six month increments, each Especially for Pets’ store teams up with a local non-profit or rescue organization to educate our customers about the specific organizations, to collect donations, and ultimately to help find homes for pets in their care.

Current partnerships are listed below. You can also visit our stores to check out the Adoption Board and see photographs of the animals available for adoption and/or pick up a copy of their ‘Wish List’. Make a donation to support the organization of your choice in any of our stores and we will see that it is delivered to the non-profit organization.

To see past partnerships, please click here.



Acton & Forgotten Angels
Forgotten Angels Shelter is a pro-life, non-profit 501(c)(3) foster home based shelter for homeless cats. They hold regular Meet and Greet events in our Acton store. Please see their website for more information and schedule of adoption information days.

Wish List
- Adult and kitten cat food (canned and dry)
- Cat litter
- Paper towels
- Towels and sheets (used is fine)
- Disposable gloves
- Cat carriers
- Stainless and ceramic feeding bowls
- Cat beds
- Cat toys
- Scratching posts
- Bleach and laundry detergent
- Tru-Catch Traps
- Stationary and copy paper
- Gas cards (for vet runs, feeding and trapping)

Guardian Angels

Canton & Guardian Angels Cat Rescue
This non-profit organization was formed to rescue the neediest cats and kittens primarily in the Metrowest area. With over 15 years of experience in feline rescue, they work with shelter personnel and local veterinarians to identify cats in need and get them ready for their new homes. Most of their cats are tame, friendly pets who were abandoned by previous owners. They rely on a dedicated network of volunteer foster homes who care for their charges until an adoptive home is found.

Wish List
- Premium kitten & cat canned and dry food
- Premium dry kitten & cat food
- Cat Litter
- KMR Milk Replacer
- Cat beds
- Towels
- Paper towels
- Postage stamps (for First Class letters)
- Bleach
- Laundry detergent
- Disinfecting wipes
- Lysol Disinfectant Spray
- Monetary donations (for veterinary care, medical supplies, food and litter)
- Gift cards to Especially for Pets
- Gift cards to local grocery stores, Target and Walmart


Medway & Little Paws Dachshund Rescue
Little Paws Dachshund Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue that specializes in finding permanent homes for dachshunds. It is their goal to identify abandoned, mistreated, or homeless dogs and oversee their treatment and wellbeing while working to find loving owners for those in their care. They strive to make the lives of all dogs better through action, advocacy, awareness and education. They are 100% non-profit and solely depend on donations. Because they are a small rescue, that will broaden their coverage area as their volunteer base and funds allow.

Wish List
- Four and six foot dog leashes
- Harnesses (small and medium)
- Wire crates
- Treats (no large chew treats please)
- Dog toys
- Sweaters and coats
- Food (good quality both wet and dry)
- Flea/tick preventatives 
- Bowls
- Stairs and/or ramps
- Belly bands and diapers
- Gift cards to Especially for Pets



Newton & Medfield Animal Shelter
The Medfield Animal Shelter's mission is to rescue lost or abandoned animals and provide for their comfort and safety until they are reunited with their owners or placed in new homes. They are a no-kill shelter, which means no pet will ever be euthanized because it has run out of time to find a new home. They are committed to ending the overpopluation of pets that results in an estimated 5 million companion pets being euthanized at shelters in the U.S. every year. Therefore all cats, rabbits and dogs adopted are spayed and neutered prior to adoption. They also sponsor a low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats at their shelter once or twice per month, as well as two feral cat clinics each year. 

 Wish List 
- High quality dry puppy and dog dry and canned food
- Dry and canned cat food (any grain free formulas, Iams, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach)
- Six foot dog leashes
- Rubber or plastic dog toys
- Wand toys for cats
- Cat carriers
- Scoopable cat litter
- Martingale collars
- Hay for bunnies and guinea pigs
- Gift cards to Especially for Pets

Pittie Love

Sudbury &
PittieLove Rescue
PittieLove Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Massachusetts. They are an all-volunteer, foster home-based rescue devoted exclusively to the care, understanding and adoption of the American Pit Bull Terrier. As one of the most abused and misunderstood breeds of all time, PittieLove’s number one goal is for their rescued dogs to never suffer from neglect or abuse again, carefully placing them into loving homes where they will be ambassadors for the breed.

Wish List
- Martingale collars
- Six foot dog leashes
- Canidae dry dog food
- Blue Buffalo dry dog food
- Bully sticks
- Nylabones
- Dog toys
- Kongs
- Dog treats
- Dog beds
- Frontline Plus

Shultz logo

Wayland &
Shultz’s Guest House

Shultz’s Guest House is a 501(c)(3) dog rescue shelter, located on 200 private acres in Dedham, Massachusetts. Surrounded by forests and ponds, with the Charles River running through it, dogs and visitors have a sense of stepping into paradise.

The shelter is also a quarantine facility fully licensed by the state of Massachusetts and has accommodations for up to 20 dogs. SGH provides its dogs with indoor-outdoor kennels in a newly renovated stable. Each dog has access to a large outdoor play and exercise area, monitored by staff on a daily basis. Their dedicated volunteers provide daily stimulation within a structured schedule. They believe, allowing a dog to thrive in this quiet, stress free setting with nature at its best, helps make the transition to a permanent home a smooth and happy experience for all.

Even their volunteers, from all walks of life and professions, say Shultz’s Guest House surrounded by nature’s healing powers, is good medicine for the soul. Imagine how the dogs feel!

Wish List
- Fromm Gold Adult dog food
- Fromm Puppy food
- Canned dog food
- Bully sticks
- Dog bones (for chewing)
- Toys (including fetch toys)
- Grooming wipes


Westborough &
Operation Delta Dog

Founded in 2013, Operation Delta Dog is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to rescue shelter dogs and train them to work as service dogs for veterans who are suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide in the U.S., largely as a result of these two invisible disorders. Service dogs have proven to be very helpful in assisting sufferers to cope with the symptoms of TBI and PTSD, but New England veterans had almost no options for acquiring a service dog of their own-until now. Thanks to your help, those veterans can participate in Operation Delta Dog’s training program, where they will be matched with a rescued canine candidate and receive support and assistance with every day talks, nighttime traumas, and difficult situations.

Wish List
- Kong dog toys
- Canned meat for Kong mix stuffing
- Bully sticks
- Dog beds
- Grain-free dog cookies
- Grain-free dog training treats
- Treat bags
- Red martingale 1" collars
- Buckle collars
- Merrick grain-free dog food
- Dog toys