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“Cheapest organic dog food! And I love the homemade dog treats you have at the front counter!”
Kevin L.


  • We sell the highest quality and most pet-friendly products available.
    We’ve been at the forefront of the natural and holistic trend for 23 years. We were the first retailer in Massachusetts to sell raw frozen foods.

  • Our professional grooming and training services are delivered with care and expertise.
    We put a lot of effort into achieving excellence in these areas.
  • We are dedicated to providing genuine and individualized service.
    The customer experience is paramount. We survey our customers frequently to ensure they are receiving the service they deserve; managers are measured on customer satisfaction.

  • We are an educational resource for responsible pet care.
    Everything we do is based on responsible pet care. Many employees are career industry professionals from veterinary, training and rescue organizations. They are extremely knowledgeable and are very serious about their jobs.

  • We are a local community-oriented business that has your pets’ best interest at heart.
    Our retail stores serve as venues for teaching and educating the public. We offer specialty seminars so our customers can meet professionals and learn about nutrition, dental care, training, health and wellness.

  • We strongly support animal rescue organizations and will never sell live animals.
    We recognize our responsibility to contribute to the solution of the problem of homeless and abandoned animals. This responsibility is CULTURAL and permeates all aspects of our business. We believe this is our greatest achievement. To date, we have contributed in excess of $200,000 to local non-profits in our community.

  • We truly care about employee and customer happiness.
    We put our customers and employees ahead of profits. Our business is not just about making the most profit—it is all about doing the right thing for our employees, customers and local charitable organizations. Twenty-five percent of our profits are returned to employees via bonuses and profit sharing.