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Lisa, Medway Store Manager
Lisa joined Especially for Pets in 2003 as assistant manager in the Wayland store. She was promoted to manager of the Medway store in 2004, and has been there ever since. Lisa brings with her a strong passion for animals as well as a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. In college, Lisa volunteered at animal shelters and the Bronx Zoo, and assisted with wildlife rehabilitation and releases. This led to an enjoyable thirteen-year career at the Franklin Park Zoo overseeing the maintenance of the exotic hoofstock, rare cranes and carnivores. Lisa feels very fortunate to have the opportunity and ability to help customers make new and different choices to promote positive changes in their companion animal’s food, supplements, treats, toys and even training and grooming routines. Her passionate interest in animal nutrition and holistic care is evident in many of the products promoted and the information shared with  customers. What she loves most about the Medway store is that the staff is a team and they all 'practice what they preach.' Staff members are all very similar in their approach to animal care and the desire to share their knowledge and experiences with others. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys dog-related activities with like-minded people such as walks in the woods or on the beach. She hopes to pursue obedience, agility and some scent work with her young Belgian Tervuren, Tuuli, who accompanies her to work. Lisa also shares her life with three cats, a guinea pig, tropical fish and dwarf frogs.
Colleen, Medway Assistant Store Manager
Colleen started working for Especially for Pets in 2010. She grew up in a household full of pets including Rottweilers, cats, rabbits, chinchillas, rats, ferrets, iguanas, and even goats! Her love for animals has carried into her adult life and she is happily owned by three cats (Wolf, Murphy, and Gidget), two parrots (Madison the Umbrella Cockatoo and Riddle the Greater Vasa), two chinchillas (Tico and Inara), and three rats (Fen, Mouse, and Pixel), in addition to her rescue dog, Kenzi. Colleen has worked in natural-oriented pet stores for ten years and really enjoys working with pets and their people. Her dog, Kenzi, also enjoys coming to work with her and makes it a point to greet each and every two and four-legged customer. Colleen’s passion is nutrition which began with her ferrets at the age of eleven. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with customers and learning from their experiences with their own pets as well.
Emily, Medway Groomer
Emily has been a groomer at Especially for Pets since 2005. Prior to joining us, she groomed locally for eight years. For the last three years, her pug, Ditto, has accompanied Emily to work and has become a fixture in the grooming room. Emily’s years of owning dogs have been mostly devoted to pugs, but she also enjoys puppy play dates with her family and friends' dogs including Labs, Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, and Shih Tzu’s. When she’s not grooming, Emily enjoys most outdoor activities and challenging herself with various do-it-yourself projects. Emily enjoys educating her grooming customers about how to help their dogs stay comfortable and look great between pet groomings!
Jennifer, Medway Groomer
Jennifer has a strong love for animals and started grooming both cats and dogs at Especially for Pets in 2011. She graduated from the Norfolk County Agricultural High School with a degree in Animal Science. In addition, she successfully completed pet grooming classes while attending. Jennifer has experience as a veterinary technician, kennel manager, working with farm animals, as well as dog training and as a sales associate for Especially for Pets. She has also spent over eleven years volunteering in all aspects of animal sheltering, from fostering dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies, to assisting with feral cats. Jennifer’s family includes cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, as well as a rabbit. Her human children now are school-aged.