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Mary, Wayland Assistant Store Manager
Mary began working for Especially for Pets in Acton in 2008 and became assistant manager of the Wayland store in 2013. She has always loved animals and has a Pit Bull named Penny and a Bearded Dragon named Reptar. Mary is very interested in dog behavior and training and very knowledgeable in pet nutrition as well. She is more than happy to share her expertise and offer advice and guidance to her customers.  
Colby, Wayland  Store Manager
Colby grew up with dogs and horses. She worked for fifteen years in the horse industry teaching, training, and showing horses. In September of 2007 she decided to take a break from riding and began working retail at Especially for Pets in Wayland. In 2010, she became assistant manager of the Wayland store. Colby currently has no pets but enjoys borrowing friend's dogs for a run or walk at local conservation areas and dog parks. The most satisfying part of Colby's job is discussing nutrition with customers so they can make healthier choices when purchasing food and treats.
Laura, Manager of Grooming, Wayland Groomer
Laura has been a groomer in Wayland since 2009 and grooming manager since 2011. For over two decades Laura has had the good fortune to work with literally thousands of animal lovers. She has a genuine love for all animals and a desire to help them and their people. Laura uses her experience and skills to help people feel better about their pets as well as make their pets physically more comfortable. With a true passion for her job, she treats every dog like her own and still comes running when she hears a puppy is in the store! Laura spends her days off with her wife, and daughter, who also shares the same enthusiasm and love of dogs. Laura believes that she is proof that if you do what you love and love what you do, success is certain!