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“Emily is fantastic. Murphy is an extreme challenge to groom, but Emily has been working with him and now has a system worked out for getting him done. She is the only groomer able to handle him. We are so grateful for her time and patience and she does a great job."
Kerry C.


As animal lovers ourselves, we know that leaving your pet for the day requires trust and confidence in their caretakers. Not only do you want your pet looking beautiful, you also want the experience to be a pleasant one.

At Especially for Pets, our primary concern is your pet's well being. Our groomers, all of whom have passed a standard of care exam, make every effort to make your pet’s visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

A standard dog grooming includes two shampoos and drying time, twenty minutes of brushing or de-shedding, haircut or trim in accordance with breed standard or personal preference, nail cutting and ear cleaning, and anal glands expressed, if necessary. Additional services are available for an additional fee. Click here for pricing information.

Especially for Pets offers nail trimming on a walk-in basis. We do not charge for this service, however in exchange we accept a $7 minimum donation to a local animal shelter or humane organization. It is recommended to call ahead for a nail trim to ensure the availability of a groomer. Click here to find out which organization is the current recipient of nail clipping donations.

For more information, or to book an appointment, click here to find the store closest to you. If you have any questions about dog grooming, click here for FAQs.