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“After searching for over two hours for items my dog's nutritionist recommended, I was about to give up. Then I drove by Especially for Pets and pulled right into the parking lot. I immediately found the food my dog needed, and the cheapest prices I have seen so far! Finally, a pet store that has a wonderful, helpful staff and the products I need!”
Jillian P.


There is an unlimited number of pet products on the market, from food and supplements to grooming products to toys and treats. Selecting products that promote good nutrition and health and keep your pets safe is where we come in. At Especially for Pets, we think of ourselves as trustees for your pets’ well being.

Especially for Pets carries premium products for pets of all kinds and varieties. As trustees for your pets’ well being, we choose our products carefully. We are always exploring and investigating new products that will be beneficial to your pet; it's no surprise that we carry many lines of products that simply aren't available at pet superstores. Not only do we pride ourselves on providing you with products of the highest quality, we also sell them at prices that are competitive with stores that offer much less than we do in the way of customer service and expertise.