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“I cannot say enough about how impressed I have been with the store in Medway. It really is a treat to go into the store where they know your name as well as the dog's and they remember what you had told them before such as issues or little traits of the animals. From needing a better food for my Shepard Klink or skunk shampoo for my mutt Chupie, this store is really tops and I believe the manager really inspires her employees to keep up the great work.”
Bonnie S.


Google “Massachusetts Pet Stores” and you’ll discover 11,000,000 results, from giant superstores to single-store “Mom and Pops” and everything in between. So what makes us believe Especially for Pets is your best choice for pet care products and services?

  • We are committed to the bond between you and your pets.
    The human/animal bond has many documented benefits including those associated with health and wellness, psychological, emotional and social. Especially for Pets was formed to support and nurture this special relationship.
  • We are pet lovers just like you.
    Our understanding of the relationship between people and pets is a personal one. Virtually everyone who works at Especially for Pets does so because of their deep commitment to pets in general and to their own in particular.

  • Our relationship with our customers often starts early and grows throughout the life of their pets.
    This relationship often begins when we help customers actually find their pets. We host thousands of adoption events every year and place many animals in our customers’ loving homes. We provide their first grooming, their first obedience class and all the products that support a healthy and long life. Through this lifecycle approach, the bond between customer and Especially for Pets is deep and often very special.

  • We have been at the forefront of natural and holistic products from the day we opened our doors.
    Especially for Pets has been a pioneer in Massachusetts for responsible pet care and natural/organic/raw food products. We are adamant in our belief that products of this kind are best for your pets.
  • No company in the pet care business is more adept at training.
    We employ many groomers and trainers with stellar reputations in Massachusetts. Our Training Academy in Sudbury sets the standard for training facilities.