Once upon a time, helping your pet look their best might have meant just plopping them at the groomer’s regularly. But now, we know that beauty starts on the inside, and we’re not talking about having a good personality. Your pet’s appearance is actually a great barometer of how they’re feeling, so it’s important to pay attention. Here’s how to make sure they’re getting the nutrients they deserve.

Good looks start with good food.
For healthy skin and a shiny coat, the two key things to look at are protein and grain levels. Your pet’s food should be high in quality animal protein, which is what hair is mostly made up of. In fact, 35% of your pet’s daily intake of protein goes to maintaining its skin and coat. As for grain, good food shouldn’t have much. Many grains such as corn and wheat are common allergens and could leave to digestive issues, uncomfortable “hot spots” and increased itching.

Find the right balance with fatty acid supplements.
Jealousy-inducing levels of shine and gloss start with Omega 3 fatty acids, which are responsible for the natural oils that keep your pet’s skin and hair follicles moisturized. But Omega 3 only works well when it’s balanced with Omega 6, another fatty acid. And since Omega 6 is often found in kibble, it’s easy for that to get out of whack. The answer? Supplements. For Omega 3, there’s  Grizzly Salmon Oil and  for a balance of Omega 3 and 6, there’s The Missing Link Pet Kelp Formula – Skin & Coat. Your pet isn’t likely to get these fatty acids from food alone, so these supplements are an important addition to their diet.

Coconut oil does double duty.
Coconut oil is the perfect finishing touch on your pet’s new gloriously sleek mane.  With Lauric and Linoleic acids, it hydrates from the inside out. You can feed it to your pet in supplements like K9 Granola to moisturize their coat, or you can rub Kin+Kind Raw Coconut Oil directly into your pet’s skin and coat to soothe any red, dry areas and make their coat shinier. The result? Skin and coat so healthy you’ll wish yours looked as good.