After all those years searching for love, you finally met a partner who enjoys long walks, cuddling, and listening to you intently. But just because you love your pet doesn’t mean it’s time to check out of the dating market and hibernate. In fact, they can actually be a great way to put yourself out there.

Dogs are great wingmen.
As much as they love hanging out with you on the couch, dogs are pretty pumped to drag you on outings. The next time you’re at the dog run or the park, get into the spirit and try to mingle as much as your dog does. Plus, lots of bars and restaurants even host dog specific social events like “yappy hour” that are great for meeting other dog people.

Dogs are way better than you at flirting.
Unlike us, pets are great at meet-cutes. They’re never too nervous to make eye contact with people, and they always know how to make the first move. So instead of just standing by awkwardly the next time your dog makes a new friend on the street, take the opportunity to say hi. And hey, even if your dog starts awkwardly humping their leg, at least the ice is broken.

Pets make you look good on dating apps.
And we’re not just talking about your pics, although that’s a given. Just by showing that you have a dog or a cat, you’re proving that you’re a caring, giving person who does things like sacrifice sleep for morning walks or scoop kitty litter. Who wouldn’t want to date someone that nice?

They give you something to talk about.
First dates can be hard. But thanks to your furry roommate, you have lots of hilarious stories banked for the occasion. Just remember to use them carefully. A little pet talk is awesome. Only pet talk is a wee bit scary.

Pets screen out the duds.
If your date’s “just not a cat person” or would prefer that dogs not lick them (weirdo), it’s a dealbreaker. But even if they profess an undying love for animals, it’s important to give them time to get to know your pet and observe how they treat them. Chemistry’s important, and if they’re not great with your pet, they’re probably not great for you.