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Not only do you want your pet looking beautiful, you also want the experience to be a pleasant one. Our expert groomers, all of whom have passed a standard of care exam, are gentle and caring and make every effort to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

A standard dog grooming includes two shampoos and drying time, twenty minutes of brushing or de-shedding, haircut or trim in accordance with breed standard or personal preference, nail cutting and ear cleaning, and anal glands expressed, if necessary. Additional services are available for an additional fee.

Especially for Pets offers nail trimming on a walk-in basis. We do not charge for this service, however in exchange, we gratefully accept a $10 donation for a clip or $15 for a trim using a Dremel tool to a local animal shelter or humane organization. It is recommended to call ahead for a nail trim to ensure the availability of a groomer.


All the social media likes might go to his head.

If you’ve noticed your dog looking less than their usual best, upgrade their appointment to the Fresh New Look package. For just $20 more we’ll deep condition their face with a spa-inspired facial (oh you fancy). Then we’ll brush their teeth, which is great for a healthy smile and overall health. We  finish it all off with some paw wax and nose butter to protect your dog from the elements and  boom— he’s ready for the paparazzi.



  • Full Service Groom
    (Includes hair cut/shave, 2 step conditioning bath, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression)
  • Full Service Bath
    (Includes 2 step conditioning bath, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression)
  • Blueberry Facial
    (Face whitening and brightening)
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Special Breed Cuts
  • Straight-Thru Appointments
    (For special needs pets i.e. seniors, disabled & extremely anxious pets)
  • Walk-In Nail Trims
    (Available during normal grooming hours)

Pricing varies by breed and specific grooming requests.
To make an appointment or inquire about pricing, please contact your local store!


Nail Clipping Fundraiser

Especially for Pets offers nail clipping in exchange for a $10 monetary donation to a local animal shelter or non-profit organization. Four different charities per year are chosen to be the recipient of these donations.

Since the Program’s inception, Especially for Pets has raised over $400,000 for charity.  Click here to see past recipients.

Current Nail Clipping Charity

Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been in operation since the early 1980s. It was founded by two pug breeders who saw the need to educate the public about the importance of ethical breeding and most importantly, they saw the need for a rescue specific to the complex health issues of the breed.

Since its founding, over 4,000 pugs have been rescued. They frequently take in dogs with extensive medical and behavior issues. PRoNE is proud of their hospice program which provides a loving home and financial support to pugs that are not wanted because they are sick, elderly or aggressive. The dogs are given a chance to experience quality time in a home where they are wanted.

PRoNE is an all-volunteer rescue supported by donations, fundraising events and adoption fees. With fees covering just 20% of their veterinary costs on average, the money raised through this grant will significantly help pugs in their care.