Ark Naturals

For the past two decades our mission has always been to offer the most complete, scientifically formulated and healthful products for companion animals.

Ark’s product range includes remedy, wellness and lifestyle products.

  • Ark’s Remedy products help to solve common pet related problems.
  • Ark’s Wellness products offer vital nutrients that are often missing in commercial pet foods.
  • Ark’s Lifestyle products include products that address every day issues.

Our primary mission is to address the care & needs of companion animals by formulating a line of products, using only the finest human grade raw materials. Our entire product range is formulated by Dr. Nancy Scanlan DVM, executive director of the AHVMA and Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst Ph.D.

Our ingredients and our formulas avail themselves of the best science available at this time. We pledge to continue our efforts to not only produce the leading line of pet care nutraceuticals, but to be aware that the pursuit of scientific data regarding preventative health care is a continuing process.

In recognizing that science is not finite, we pledge to keep an open mind. Remaining open-minded and flexible allows us to continue to meet and exceed the needs of our 4 legged family.

And finally we consider it part of our mission to educate pet parents about the benefits of thinking ‘natural’ regardless of whose products they are purchasing.