Cats in the Kitchen

The kitchen is so often the heart of the home. It is where our family gathers for meals, where we have our game night, where family bonds grow.We eat there, we laugh there—we feed our pets there. The inspiration for these delectable selections come from feeding our precious Cats in the Kitchen.

Bring your cats to the heart of your home and share with us these savory cuts of white breast meat chicken and duck breast . . . delicate gravies, some with pumpkin for healthy digestion . . . loins from tuna, salmon and mackerel . . . and lean cuts of beef —all fit for our kitchen carnivores. These recipes are among our most delicious offerings. We hope your kitties love Cats in the Kitchen as much as the WeRuVa cats do—Webster, Rudi & Vanessa approved!

By nature, cats are obligate carnivores without a strong thirst drive, and thus largely derive moisture from the prey that they eat. As such, an ideal diet includes whole animal proteins and lots of moisture–like Cats in the Kitchen.

High-protein and high-moisture, Cats in the Kitchen foods are made with whole meats like boneless chicken breast, salmon, and mackerel that are packed with hydrating moisture.