Dave’s Pet Food

Want to feed the best and pay less? All Dave’s products have one distinct advantage over other super premium holistic brands – price. Why? Dave’s has eliminated the middle man and excessive marketing costs that inflate pricing, so he is able to deliver you a top quality holistic product at a drastically reduced price.

Dave’s is a top quality, healthy food at a very reasonable price.  Just about every person who comes into my store wants to stick to a budget- and this is probably true for you, too! Understanding this helped me find the underserved portion of the quality pet food market, and now that we’ve found it, we’re doing the best we can to make everyone happy.

A frequent question is “How can your brand be as good as the other high quality foods when your prices are so much less?”  Good question…here is the honest answer.  I don’t have sales folks on the road, I don’t do lots of promotions, and I run a very low overhead operation.  It’s just me…I am the sales guy, the marketing guy, the customer service guy…talk about a one man show! But that’s how I keep the retail prices so reasonable