Himalayan Dog Chew

OUR HISTORY: Where Tradition Met Innovation

Back in 2003, good friends Nishes and Suman Shrestha were hanging out and having dinner. Suman noticed Nishes dog Chaos, chewing on a piece of Himalayan hard cheese…and really enjoying it!

Inspired by Chaos’ love for this Himalayan treat (a traditional human treat in Nepal that’s made with Yaks’ milk, salt and lime juice), Suman gave samples to other dogs in the family and their friends! The response was overwhelming!

Soon Suman and Nishes were tapping into their Nepalese roots and cooking up batches of Himalayan cheese in the kitchen! The response was exciting and it lead to four years of concentrated research on cheese for canines! And this was the beginning of Himalayan’s quest for bringing tradition and innovation together.

Finally, in 2007 Chaos took his two friends Nishes and Suman to the Bellingham Pet Fair in Washington State and they introduced our Original Himalayan Dog Chew.

Today, we are the largest exporter of Himalayan Cheese out of Nepal employing more than 9,000 farmers who are now earning better than living wages. We’ve also added a “USA MADE” product line where we source, manufacture and package our products locally, in Washington State.

We now distribute Himalayan Dog Chew all over the world and we continue to grow… these past 10 years have been jam-packed with exciting product launches, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many more incredible products that came to life!

Our Himalayan tradition cherishes nourishing our connections with the past even while we’re on a never-ending quest for creativity. Innovative, on the leading edge, conscientious, smart, fun loving and caring is what makes Himalayan Pet Supply The Leader of the Pack!

Source: Himalayan.pet