In Clover

May your pets always be inclover.

InClover is an English phrase that means to be at the height of health and comfort.

For nearly two decades, InClover has been creating quality standard supplements using science and the best nature has to offer to help pets live happier, healthier, more vibrant lives.

InClover was founded in 1996 by biochemist Rebecca Rose. After her experience in biotechnology and healthcare research industries, Rebecca founded InClover with one question: What’s happening in healthy animal bodies that isn’t happening in the others? With this in mind, she formulated a complete line of quality standard supplements for dogs and cats to address some of the most common health concerns.

As pet parents become increasingly educated about their animals’ health, more companies are jumping on the supplement band wagon. InClover is not a food company, not a grooming supply company or a treat manufacturer — we’re a supplement company. While other companies outsource their product development to manufacturers, InClover formulates all products in-house. The result is thoughtfully researched supplements with unique formulations that stand out in a crowd of “me too” products. And, while some products add a fairy dusting of buzz-worthy ingredients like glucosamine and pre- and probiotics, InClover’s quality standard supplements contain clinically tested levels of active ingredients. InClover’s focused consideration means products guaranteed to produce real results you can see and your pet can feel.

Our commitment to quality

We believe pets deserve the best and their health safety is at the core of all we do. That’s why we make all our products in the USA under strict quality standards. In fact, In Clover has passed rigorous audits above and beyond what is required in the supplement industry earning us the right to display the National Animal Supplement Council’s Quality Seal on all our products. We’re proud to have never had a serious adverse event or recall in our history.

In Clover president and product developer Rebecca Rose served six years as an elected member of the National Animal Supplement Council board of directors, illustrating our commitment to not only the safety of our products but to the industry as a whole.

Socially and environmentally responsible

At In Clover, we care about our environment and our community.

We strive to reduce our “carbon pawprint,” which is why our company is powered by 100% wind energy. Additionally, we package our products in recyclable and BPA-free materials.

Our office is made complete by a special team of adults with various cognitive, physical and developmental challenges. This hard-working crew assembles samples and fills product while spreading smiles.

In Clover is a regular donor to reputable non-profit organizations improving the lives of abused or abandoned animals. As a company dedicated to healthy and happy pets, In Clover fully supports efforts to help save the lives of homeless animals. Some of pets in shelters are older and in need of special care. In Clover’s products help restore their vitality and improve their opportunity to find a good home.