The Pill Free Solution to Pet Health.

LICKS® is a line of high quality, liquid pet health supplements that provides your furry companion with higher quality of life at all stages of development. Whether your pet is taking its first steps, or has been around the block hundreds of times, LICKS® can help them take the lead as their most comfortable, confident self.

LICKS® has the solution for myriad health problems—from occasional anxiety to itchy skin—and contains veterinarian recommended ingredients to ensure your best friend is getting the help they need in a form that will make their mouths water.

LICKS® is available in 7 dog formulas – Athlete™, Digestion, ElderDog™, Joint + Heart, Multi-Vitamin, Skin and Allergy + Shiny Coat, and Zen™ – and 6 cat formulas – Hairball, Immunity, Multi-Vitamin, Senior, Urinary Tract Care, and Zen™.

The Benefit of Liquid over Pills and Chews

Devised to ensure maximum efficacy, LICKS® Pill-Free Solutions® provide a delicious alternative to the traditional pill supplements your pets can’t stand. Unlike pill supplements with abysmal absorption rates, our liquid format allows your pet to absorb up to 98% of the active ingredients.

Because our formulas are liquid, we can also pack up to 4x the amount of active ingredients into each tasty packet, making for one of the most effective supplements on the market.

So tasty your pet will beg for more—treat your special guy or gal to a delightful and delectable remedy to their health ailments—LICKS® Pill-Free Solutions®.