Lilly Brush

Be Forever Furless.

Designed with specially engineered nylon bristles and an ergonomic handle, the BE FOREVER FURLESS® brush picks up household lint and pet hair with just a few quick sweeps*. Use it on clothing, furniture, bedding, car upholstery, carpets and everywhere else fur lurks. Easy to clean with a quick rinse in the sink, the totally reusable BE FOREVER FURLESS® will last for years. No mess, no waste, no refills.

BE FOREVER FURLESS MINI® has the same effectiveness as BE FOREVER FURLESS with the convenience of being able to store in your purse, suitcase, briefcase, glove box, for easy on the go access.

(*Easily removes any and all soft, clingy undercoat fur. Not effective on extremely short, straight or wiry fur types.)