Open Farm

Founded in 2013, Open Farm is a family-run business focused on doing some good for pets, farm animals and the environment. Our founding team is made up of Jacqueline and Isaac, their brother-in-law Derek and rounded out with Domenic (We are trying to find a cousin for Dom so he can more formally become part of the family!). Rounding out our crew are five rescue dogs that we could not live without and that are the true motivation for us creating Open Farm.



Open Farm recipes focus on a limited set of ethically sourced proteins and locally grown, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. We stay away from cheap, processed fillers and instead source quality whole ingredients, like lentils and chickpeas, to create a wholesome, nutritionally balanced food for your pets.




Upgrade your dog’s diet with Open Farm’s Freeze Dried Raw meals and toppers. Our recipes are packed with nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients, such as humanely raised meats, organic leafy green, and organic pumpkin. For an added nutritional benefit, every blend is topped off with superfood ingredients like coconut oil and turmeric. Simply scoop, add water, and serve!