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We Get the Love

OurPet’s, Our Commitment…

Since founding The OurPet’s Company in 1995, we have dedicated extensive amounts of time to the understanding of pets’ critical link to nature. Along with proper nutrition, mental stimulation, physical exercise and veterinary care, The OurPet’s Company products help to maintain your pet’s health and wellness.

We dedicate extensive energy to understand your pet’s critical link to nature, and our products put mental stimulation, physical activity, and proper nutrition at the forefront. No other brand offers products specifically designed to foster a healthy relationship between pets and their parents. We get the love™

Our Beginning…

The OurPet’s Company began with the development of the elevated Big Dog Feeder. This product has brought the importance of ergonomically correct eating positions to the public, and the family of Healthy Pet Diners™ and Store-N-Feed™ Diners continues to be among the market’s leading products. They improve posture and comfort and minimize stress and damage to joints and muscles.

Our Patented Products…

Since the beginning, our goal has not changed – to develop and market high quality, innovative products for improving the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets. We strive to develop truly unique and innovative products – in fact, almost all of our products are patented and are the only ones of their kind in the marketplace. This unique product design process begins by looking at the health, behavioral and lifestyle needs of pets and owners. By finding original ways to fill these needs, we offer problem-solving solutions to pet owners – and highly marketable products to retailers. In addition, OurPet’s products have won numerous industry awards.

Source: Ourpets.com