Richard’s Organics

100% Natural Solutions for Better Health.

Combining pet wellness and pet healing, Richard’s Organics is a natural solution for better health. Gentle and effective, these products contain all natural ingredients and are made in the United States.

We are a proud U.S manufacturer of animal health and veterinary care products. For nearly two decades, our well-rounded portfolio of owned brands, private label capabilities and valued partners have positioned SynergyLabs® as an industry leader throughout 40+ countries worldwide. 

Always fostering fresh & innovative thinking, our dynamic group of senior-level professionals and lean operations make SynergyLabs® the number one place to find the best pet products.

Synergylabs® is the place to experience where private label pioneering and awe-inspiring packaging concepts & formulations come to life. We deliver the highest value products to you and every other pet lover around the world. Why? Because at SynergyLabs® they’re more than just pets.