Safety Tested for Your Whole Family!

We are dog, cat, small animal, bird, and reptile owners! We just also happened to be experienced product developers for the children’s market.

As such, we saw how important and integral safety testing is in the development process of new products. Further, voluntary testing standards have existed for quite some time for children’s products and toys, and just recently, Congress enacted the Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) which made many of these standards mandatory for children’s products and toys.

We began to wonder, “Why don’t products for pets get the same attention? Why are there no standards for pet products?” And after much media attention from melamine-tainted pet food to lead poisoning in pets (potentially from unsafe toys), we decided to take action. Thus safemade was born. We hope our projects bring you and your pets much joy and keep your family safe! We certainly enjoyed designing them, making them, testing them, and playing with them with our pets!

Our commitment:

  • Design product that is both fun and safe for pets
  • Create strong, durable, and well-made product
  • Use non-toxic and safe materials in the making of our product
  • Test our products to children’s toy standards and other rigorous protocols to ensure they are safe for the whole family
  • Provide our customers with the latest information on pet safety and health