Tender and True

Our premium ingredients show our dedication to the ones eating our food – your pets. Because we care about your dogs and cats as much as you do, and we’ve got the best food on the market to prove it. Our food lets your pet live up to its full potential.

That means brighter eyes. Shinier coat. More fetching. More chasing. And most importantly, a longer and healthier life with you, their best friend.

Once you learn a little more, you’ll understand why we believe Tender & True is not just pet food. It’s the perfect superfood for your pet.

We are USDA certified organic. That means these foods must be grown and processed without the use of:

  • Toxic and persistent pesticides
  • Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Synthetic growth hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • GMOs
  • Irradiation

Plus, certified organic pet food operations are:

  • Required to maintain detailed records of all production and processing activity to maximize traceability
  • Regularly inspected by a USDA-accredited agent to ensure that organic standards are being met

Source: Tenderandtruepet.com