Under The Weather

When the Vet Recommends A Bland Diet.

Our Mission

Under the Weather® is dedicated to providing products for our sick pets, as well as products that help our pets stay healthy. Our initial product is a quick and convenient bland diet solution for dogs experiencing digestive upset such as diarrhea and vomiting. We are committed to developing products for busy pet parents – using only the highest quality ingredients and making them easy to use.

The information we provide on this website and the products we create are not intended to diagnose or treat illness in your pet.

Who We Are

We are animal lovers who understand that our pets are family members. Under the Weather® was inspired by the owner’s dog, Ruffy, whose veterinarian prescribed a bland diet of cooked chicken and rice. After a lot of chasing and inconvenience, she was determined to develop a convenient bland diet product that dog owners could keep in their cupboards at all times, just in case! Read more about Ruffy’s Rough Day!

Who We Are Not

We are not veterinarians. We urge anyone with a sick pet to consult with their vet for an evaluation.

Source: Undertheweatherpet.com