What We Do

We make safe products that work. We would never try to sell you something we don’t stand 100% behind. If we wouldn’t buy it, we wouldn’t sell it! It’s as simple as that. Users of our products should have complete confidence knowing that we won’t release any sub-par products.

What Is A Safe Product?

There are a lot of differing opinions about the meaning of the word ‘safe’. Maybe the best way for us to describe what safe means to us is to list the tings that our products won’t do.

 What Our Products Won’t Do

  • Won’t pollute air
  • Won’t pollute water
  • Won’t harm plants
  • Won’t harm your family or pets
  • Won’t harm hands or paws
  • Won’t hurt your tummy (but don’t drink it. Seriously people)
  • Won’t contain caustic or harsh chemicals. Period.
  • Won’t harm your surfaces
  • Won’t leave a trace or residue
  • Won’t ask to use your Netflix Login (but we’re not bitter or anything…)

Source: Uniquemm.com