Vital Essentials

Purely Raw. Instinctively Healthy.

About VE™ Freeze-Dried RAW Food

Vital Essentials® exclusive VE Freeze-Drying process retains all the active nutritional elements and allows the food to be safely and conveniently stored without refrigeration.  We start with fresh, high-quality RAW USDA meats, bones, and whole organs. Our 48 hour “slow” VE Freeze-Drying process locks
in vital nutrients without cooking the RAW meat. The fresh, life sustaining nutrients are NEVER lost during the VE Freeze-Drying process.

Pioneers in RAW Since 1968

Vital Essentials® is a leader in the RAW pet food industry. The family-owned company, located in Green Bay, WI, produces high quality RAW frozen and freeze-dried pet food, snacks, and treats.

Proudly Sourced, Made, and Packaged in the USA

Locally sourced from America’s heartland, Vital Essentials® uses only USDAcertified and inspected animal protein. Rest assured that no foreign ingredients go into any Vital Essentials products.

Advocates of the ALPHA Prey-Model Diet

Dogs and cats are natural carnivores, the essential nutrients they thrive on come from other animals. They are not designed to handle carbohydrates like corn, rice, and potatoes. A RAW meat diet is exactly what nature designed dogs and cats to thrive on. Vital Essentials® uses only fresh, whole, single-sourced USDA animal proteins. Vital Essentials NEVER uses grains, fillers, artificial preservatives or rendered by-products in any of our products.