People Food for Pets.

WERUVA is an All Natural Dog & Cat Food. Our food is made in a human food facility, using only the best ingredients from around the world. We believe in the “what you see, is what you get” motto..no more mystery mush! Every ingredient is easily identifiable. For example, our chicken is boneless, skinless, white breast meat which comes from anti-biotic free, hormone free, free range chicken. Only the highest quality of protein source(s).

We like variety, so why shouldn’t our pets! They deserve only the finest cuts of meat and that’s what we at WERUVA offer! Spoil your pets with our delectable dishes!

Join us in making your pets healthy one animal at a time!

WERUVA Founders,

David & Stacie Forman

What makes Weruva different than other pet food?

  • Carnivorous focus
  • Protein fit for human consumption
  • Human food processing standards
  • Non-blended formulas

Source: Weruva.com