Whole Life

Farm to Friend®

In 1995, Founder John Gigliotti switched his dogs from a commercial food to an all natural diet and was amazed at their improved health. They were leaner, had better skin and coat, less shedding, less allergies and just seemed healthier and happier. His passion to share the experience with his own dogs turned into a long career devoted to the health and wellness of pets.

Whole Life pioneered a philosophy called Farm to Friend™. That means that all of their products are 100% Human Grade. They are made in-house, from scratch, in small fresh batches daily. They are totally transparent with ingredient sourcing and verify the safety of every batch they make every day. It’s all about trust.

Why we chose freeze drying over all other ways to make our food & treats

Freeze drying is the purest form of food production. The process avoids the nutrient loss inherent in high-heat production methods and keeps us from having to use preservatives. Freeze drying also allows us to make food and treats with intense natural flavors that pets love.

No Preservatives
The process of freeze drying removes so much moisture from our food and treats (up to 98%) , that it creates long shelf life without the use of any chemicals, additives or preservatives. Our products are always 100% natural.

No Grains or Glutens
Grains and glutens are the most common cause of food allergies in pets. Making Kibble or biscuits requires the use of grains to bind ingredients together so that they can survive the extreme heat, pressure and steam the process generates. Freeze drying is such a pure, gentle process that it has no such requirements. Our products are always grain and gluten free.

No Heat Means No Nutrient Loss
Unlike the extreme high heat methods used in making kibble and biscuits, Freeze drying takes place at 30°-50°F BELOW ZERO which allows us to lock in each ingredients full freshness while maintaining its full potency or nutritional value.

Removing Moisture Creates Intense Natural Flavor
Water doesn’t have much taste so when you remove it, you concentrate flavor and aroma. Freeze drying allows us to create intense natural flavors without any sugars, taste enhancers or additives.