Yeti Dog Chew

A Legendary Treat.

In our heart of hearts, much like you, we too are pet lovers. We started this small family business with a simple belief that our pets deserve the best we can offer. We are confident you are doing your best to provide your dog with the best possible care and nutrition, and we pledge to do our best and provide them with the highest quality pet products.

What is Yeti Dog Chew?

Yeti Dog Chew is a hard cheese that is all natural and contains no chemicals, no preservatives, and no additives. This recipe has been enjoyed by the people in the Himalayan region of Nepal for centuries. The product is a Yak and Cow milk based hard cheese that is now a favorite amongst dogs. The cheese flavor of the chew is very alluring, and the hard texture of the product makes it a perfect and a long lasting dog treat.

What size chew do I give my dog?

Bigger is always better is the simple answer. However, we recommend the following sizes:

Small Chew: Dogs up to 10 lbs

Medium Chew: Dogs up to 35 lbs

Large Chew: Dogs up to 50 lbs

X-Large Chew: Dogs larger than 50 lbs