Making every day a good dog day.


We have an understanding.

Just like people, clear communication is the key to successful relationships. That’s why our mission as trainers is to teach you how to properly communicate with your dog. We help you become fluent in canine behavior and language, using positive reinforcement and motivational techniques that make training fun and rewarding. Whether you have a new puppy, adult rescue, or a long-time family member, our system will set you on the path to a successful, trusting relationship.


Our Sudbury location is the hub of all things related to training. Anti-fatigue, one half-inch thick matting covers the entire 2,200 square foot Academy space and reduces the amount of stress on a dog’s joints, back and muscles, as well as protects the joints of their human caretakers. The Academy boasts a completely enclosed space to provide a safe environment for off-leash training. Also included is a wide expanse of floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a necessity for competition training.

All Especially for Pets locations offer the same quality classes and workshops as the Dog Training Academy, just in a smaller venue.

Marita was fabulous! She is a great teacher, very knowledgeable and made herself accessible outside class for when I had questions between classes. I loved the small number of dogs in the class.

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Beth M.